Web Design

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    Website Design

    Are you envisioning a one–page portfolio site? Maybe a gallery for your photography, or a new face for your e–commerce business?

    We’ll talk your idea through, and bring our insight as designers trained in a variety of disciplines. We’ll discuss function, scale and style, and then draw up a quote for the delivery of your completed website.

    We’ll deliver mockups of the website design as an interactive demo site (or as a set of flat images, if you prefer). You’ll have the chance to give feedback on this demo before we begin building, and it will stay live throughout the process.

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    Development & Delivery

    The approved design will be developed into a stable build, meeting the latest HTML, CSS & JavaScript standards, and able to function on all modern web browsers at and above Internet Explorer 8 standard.

    A website’s metadata and information architecture is key to search engine optimisation (SEO), and in allowing future expansion of the site. Your new website will be built with this at the forefront of our minds.

    The completed site, having gained final approval from you, would be both delivered to you as a folder for safe keeping and uploaded to your chosen URL — and that’s it, you’re on the web!

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    Future Maintenance

    As one of our clients, you’ll have the opportunity to add more images, written content or small pages to the site whenever you feel it needs updating. We’ll talk before about how long we think it’s going to take and endeavour to make the changes sharpish.

    As a courtesy, we’ll upgrade any and all technologies used in the site for free as updates become available. We want your site to stay active and healthy. To that end, if you ever have any issues or spot a typo, we’ll always be available to help.

“…a keen eye for detail, and a thorough understanding of both the aesthetics and the science behind successful websites…”

Oli Shilling, Out The Woods Clothing