Website and Logo Design

Let’s hear your idea. We’ll talk it through over email or chat face-to-face, and together we’ll get down on paper what you’ve been thinking about.

Rook are a team of designers trained in a variety of disciplines, and we’ll utilise that body of knowledge and experience to develop initial sketches and notes into comprehensive marketing material for your company, group or idea.

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We specialise in websites, but thanks to our strong background in marketing and graphic design we also provide a comprehensive branding service.

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Website Development

Let’s make your website. We have four years’ experience in making things for the web — a lifetime in the Digital Age. We work hard to create a unique experience with every website; one that functions well and looks great no matter whether it’s accessed by a phone, a fridge or an old-fashioned desktop computer.

We love building websites for bands, photo galleries, portfolios of work and bespoke retail. We’re as happy to work from scratch as we are to work around a CMS you’re already using. Whatever works for you.

There can be a lot of confusion when approaching the web, and we’ve seen it all (well, most of it). We can guide you through every step, from getting your domain name to announcing your website launch on social media.

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Future-Proofing and Website Maintenance

The Internet ages fast. You were happy with your website once, but now it’s time for an update, a spring clean, or a visual refresh. Rook can help.

We specialise in bringing older websites up to the latest standards, converting non–responsive to responsive and otherwise improving a website’s performance.

Email us with the address of the website you think needs a lease of life, and we’ll be in touch.

We read the tech blogs so you don’t have to. All our clients’ websites meet modern standards in web technology, as well as working back to IE 8. When updates arrive for the frameworks we’re using we’re sure to implement them, and we’ll always be available to talk about new ideas, or any issues.